TO BE ONE OF THE YOUNG BOSS!!! *roxy wants too!

I just got back from shopping at my mum’s friend’s friend’s daughter newly open boutique. A young ladey that owns a boutique! Bravo leh, got own businesss. And just few minutes ago, I read TimothyTiah’s blog, the owner of Nuffnang and he is just 24 years old, its not an easy task to setup a company! Few of my friends like Winnie, Bing Bing, YewWeng and Venise, I considered them a Young Boss and is very proud of them. Winnie selling gift accessories through online, Bing Bing who just started selling clothes through online shopping, YewWeng going well with his contact lens business through online too and Venice selling cloth from her hometown to KLtown, her business were good too. Her car is her boutique, all the cloth and stocks were placed in her car… good idea ohh, she can just sale her cloth wherever she goes! *seeee, I got so many supplier… contact lens, dress, bags etc but its all about spending not earning. hmmm…

I told my mum how cool they are… got own business! then she asked me, you want to havee your own business also ma? how much do I need for the first stock? (she seems to be serious) I laughed and replied no lah… not now. I will concentrate on my studies first… hahhaha.

after all, to be a young boss, is just a dreams! but BUT if there’s chance, why not give a try? =)

visit this!!!!

Nuffnang own by Timoyt Tiah, a famous blogger:

Gift Square own by Winnie, brother and friend :

Geo ContactLens Store own by YewWeng :

Dress and acsessories own by BingBing and firend: