Someone suggested to me early January2008, “ Eh Jane start a blog, then through reading your blog we can know how’s your life in KL ma!” Yeah, I started off innocently enough and have been blogging for one and a half year and is now addicted in blogging and ‘kepo’(reading and drop comment) in people’s blog. how can I survive without internet?

Creating a blog is not as difficult as I thought but thinking of an URL for my own blog was a scratched head situation and yesh, one of my friend created it for me. (THANK YOU, you know who you aree) “”- description and my name, easy to remember! I discovered that blogging in a way is a good writing practice for me and also it also encouraged me to capture more pictures and share it with readers, as most of them actually do more reading on the pictures or photos found on each post. Whenever Im online, I must get a whiff off my blog, check if there are any new comments, quickly reply, refresh for the latest hit numbers and create new post to increase hitter. After blogging, its time to read people’s blog and later on checking mails and maybe log in to facebook. That’s the routine everytime when I go online ever since I owned a blog, see how addicted blog is! anyway, people blog moreeee! and I promiseee I will visit. =)