(“you know you’re in college when …” tittle ref. http://www.fixxfucious.blogspot.com, April 19th, 2008. Abang Henssem)

1) you can dress up anyhow you like. NO UNIFORM like you have them in high school.

2) class time are very flexible.

3) you get to see sunrise very often.

4) you know what does mcD breakfast serve and what time the breakfast start.

5) you have to wash your own cloth and prepare your own meal.

6) you go to mamak stall often. (when you need to save money but you want to eat a lot… Mamak stall, the best choice)

7) you need to settle things by yourself. YOU AND YOURSELF being your own supporter.

8 ) you learn how to protect yourself.

9) you have to pay bills from the pocket money.

10) you first time experience clubbing! drink and dance. TURN WILD!

11) your pocket money is not enough for you to spend.

12) you sleep at day time and were awake in the midnight.

13) you help your classmates to sign attendance.

14) you don’t have to carry a large backpack, filled with BIO, CHEM, MATH OR ENG textbook.

15) you’ve your own room.

16) you’ve  the freedom…

17) you’ve to clean your own room.

18) you’re always late for class or maybe absent.

19) e-mails your assignment to the lecturers. we don’t in high scool right?

20) you owned a lappy and a desktop. (not all but some Uni students do)

21) you need someone to comfort you, its hard to find one.

22) cabbage is your best friend for every meal. (easy to cook ^^)

23) you can be recognize as the president of MAGGI MEE.

23) you know the nearest location of mcD, KFC, mamak stall, OLD Town.. those 24hours open fast food restaurant or cafe.

24) your dad give you a car.

25) you’re a credit card holder.

26) you’ll find that you live in a reality world.

27) you’ll hear lots of gossip between friends.

*went out; t be continue.