I slept around 12 last night and woke up at 4pm today. *APPLAUSE!! I slept early last night because the passed two day, were rushing for the final presentation board. after the 14 hour in my dreamland and its time to start to build my model.

but in between the 14 hours I woke up few time. (8am, open door for my friend. 10am, open door for my friend. answer calls, reply messages, 2pm weng and jyn came for awhile  and i went back to sleep again)

My dad called two time, in the morning and afternoon. The afternoon conversation, Dad: ” wah! you still sleeping ? Fever also can’t sleep so long, wake up go eat medicine!” I replied: “Okay okay, I eat later!” Dad: ” next time cannot like that, don’t do untill late late YOU’RE NOT A MACHINE, need to rest also!” Yea, he’s right Im not a machine or should I all human are not machine. hmmm, well yeah.. the two previous day while rushing for assignment, I don’t feel like sleeeping at all. Once I close my eyes, my brain cells remind me that my presenatation board are not donee yet. same to YewWeng.  a good entertainer that helps a lot when you need to stay awake and get your work done.

* I THINK IM A MACHINE for the passed two day.


a waiting area for customers found at the new print shop. I wasted my time and $$ in this new print shop eventough the printing price are cheaper but the quality are another story . I went back to hostel and printed it again. expensive but good quality!  learnt a lesson again! ==’

After printing, Weng and me went to school to pin up, on the way a taxi driver banged us at the junction of our hostel. Somemore the taxi driver doesn’t want to admit its his wrong wor. and then give money to the police ask the police tolong himm wor! got money got police help then can settle arr? aiyyooo!!

and then at the police station. I felt so succkieee!! as a “saksi”,  I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK A COMPLETE SENTENCE OF  MALAY! I answered the policewoman ya, tidak, dua orang saja?! oh no! paisehhh ar.


Oh o!


ah ah ah!!

taxi driver

pose for the camera somemore. ==’

while weng were reporting and stuff  in the police station and when they dont need the saksi anymore, I rushed to school with Chinda (a coursemate of mine who speak Malay well came to help us) for pin-up. Once I step in the class, the lecturer asked me :” got injured?”  ==’ I replied: ” No larr, just the  car…!” While I pin-up, she keep asking me how’s the accident? got tell parents ma!? I think she is cute lar! hahaha. and also If she dint see me, she will asked “Where’s Jane? Where’s Jane?” ==’

taddaaa!!! my board. GREEEN COLOUR FREAKED ME!


still got model to do ar!! the presentation is on Monday but they might postpone because one of the lecturer went Africa today and will come back next wednesday. Anyway, I hope the presentation will end before Friday!

bah, off to build a model that is only 12marks.

tata tata! =)