“Night at the Museum 2”

why is everybody so addicted in watching moviee in that big big room in the shoppping mall these days? or why am I not interest in it these days? at this period, the very end of the month, I IS BROKEEE! I rejected for movie last night and few minute ago, friend called and asked me to join them for movie. Sorry la semua! hmm, how about after finals? Its not too latee, I guessed.


Design on “Cafe Boutique”

Design presentation day have been postponed, postponed and postponed till the 8thJune, I think they will postpone again because Dr Mahathir (the ex-prime minister of Malaysia) is going to visit the our campus on that day. Or they purposely put the presentation day on that day? I supposed when he is here, all the lecturers will be very busy ba. Anyway, hope they won’t postpone again, I keep slacking around since the due date is still so far away but I can’t wait this day to be over, I think the rest of my course-mates can’t wait for the finals to end too! 大家,加油吧!


“Save me!”

Load of thoughts run through my mind. I need some break between all this and I need someone to talk to but there’e no one I can talk to and sometime its better to keep it between yourself. Sigh, don’t know la.. hmmm.


“Where are you?”

Im not friendless but ever since Im doing my oversea study I’ve been searching and need a friend like this,mmm~  but I still love all of themm, all the friend beside me =)



Human are emotional. I get emotionally easily which people dislike. ==”



Every end of semester, i have to make this decision! Should I continue to the next semester?  aduuii!*hit head!


“Sleeping Building”

I slept for the whole day, this is what happen when “Leona Lewis-Keep bleeding” is on the run. Its time to get back to work, Oh wait! Its start my work. I haven’t do anything today…