I miss my girls in Brunei so so much. They’re the people who understood me pretty well. How I wish you girls are with me right now. I MISS YOU ALL LOTS! *spreading this priceless LOVE to Brunei, Australia and Singapore.

this is what I called- LIFE.

1) When Im tired I have faces which makes people think that Im angry at him or her. and later on he or she will go ask other people  “eh, Jane hate me arr?”  hello people?! you’re not in high school anymore lar, stop saying all those childish stuff la. Sorry for that faces, I will remember to keep it at home next timee.

2) people who say :” Eyer, she/he steal my friend!” are Lame.

3) I seldom hang around with people who doesn’t have time  management!
I don’t mean to judge on other people here, its on myself!

*waiting for my food delivery to arriveee. =)

DUE DATE FOR FINALS WERE POSTPONEEE, so here am I to blog awhile.

Its timee to plan what to do after the finals, when the holiday is heree! =D