10th of May, two bestfriends of mine were born on this day. so here’s the greeeting for them, eventhough I smsed them last night, right after the time strikes 12am, its my plessure to share this special people on they special day here. We dint get to celebrate together with them this year. =( Roxy went back to hometown for a week? will only seee her next week. Ah wei, busy dating? hahha.


roxy, happy 21stbirthdaayyy!!!


Mrs Wei, happpy 19th birthday!!

Of course, I did not forget! Today is Happy Mama day, I greeted my mum this morning, havee you? I believed you did!?

I escaped to somwehere this weekend. two of my housemates went back to hometown. THANK GOODNESSS to the person who saved me from the oh-alone that I don’t like which later on will make me homesick condition. I enjoyed my weekend not till the way back to hostel, car sick & now having sore throat. I don’t want to sick, finals are just around the corner. mmmm! I have loads to catch up for my design yet Im still very relaxing. Not stress at all, but hey people, it doesnt mean that Im not serious for the finals yeah!? Im just doing my work slow and steady alright! this is how you enjoy doing assignment, don’t rush! but when its last minutes, of course have to rush lar! (don’t mind me craping hereee!) ==”

alrrighttt, gotta go, continue design-ing! (ada sounds pro?)