“Boys over Flower” by Korean F4, another romance romance series movie that will draw girls to another wonderland. The storyline is the same with the series movie “Meteor Garden” acted by the-now-still-popular F4 back in year 2002, is just that the Korean actors are more good looking (even guys agree that!). There’s Japanese edition too! go check it out!? see  which edition you like! watch it when you’ve free time… because you will keep watching it continuously one episode after episode. =p like me now… can stay awake to watch it!! *more energetic than  finishing my assignments. ergghhhh!!! but I only get to watch during holidays, I don’t have extra time for this when class is on, so its okay la.. If you’ve very good internet connection, you can watch through PPS lor.. I don’t have good internet connection, so I copy from friend who downloaded all the episode lor. =)

*Im looking forward June holidays!!! weeeee~ HOMEEEEE HERE I COMEEE SOON. (*belum book ticket already so happyyy! =/)

Im kinda broke already, looking at the calendar… hope tomorrow is the 1st of May!! haiss, double haisss!!!

random photo.


“No pictures Please!”- taken few weeks ago in the class. =)