greeting in Korean..


a message from DST requesting me to go to they website and open a MMS picture and its from my dad on his birthday!! but I just saw the picture just now. =) anyway, I greeted him that day and will greet him once again here. “LAO PA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” (John, if you’re reading this, show papa!!) *the blueberry cheesecake must be very delicious!! I MISS MY MOM’S CHEESECAKEEEE!!!


sigh!! gastric again… have been suffering this pain few days already, argh!!

YEAHHH!!! one week holiday is hereee!! Its time to relax a bit. I got many daters arr next week but I rejected all. SAYA SUDAH ADA DATE WITH MY ASSIGNMENT (will ddo it slow and steady, like I say.. slow and steady) and maybe A DAY OF SHOPPING ONLY.  I just got back from PCfair, bought few gadget for my lappy and WD(Western Digital) hard drives “PASSPORT” is so so niceeee and cheap!!! I like the limited edition colour, Green and Yellow, 250GB for 209rm. cheap weh!! Last December I bought the white one for rm249. see so much difference!! and 320GB only rm245!! Oh myyy!!! Nevermind, forget it!! hmmm~ alright, will stop here for today. =)