GOOD GIRL!! the HE Im referring to is MY DAD. Im not sure if he is the one or my mum who type the message but the name at the top of the text message is PAPA PEEIA. So i will assume is him & Im happy about it!! hahaha.. Yeaps, I actually named my dad PAPA PEEIA in my phone contact and I named my mum after MAMA MEEIA, inspiried by the movie MAMA MEEIA. Anyway, I think is cool to name the COOLEST person on earth this way. SPECIALLLL bah!!!

& its not easy to be a good girl!

On the other hand, while chit chat-ing with bestty, he received a message from his dad randomly, saying “My son, if can sleep early let it be and will have good health.”

so cuteee can!? hahaha..

Parents are LOVELY!!

think of it, who giveee you the most support, love and careee?!

its two thirty now, three of my buddies are still outside chat-ing about they family. =) alrightt, I better go join them.. don’t want to miss out interesting things.

Good Night Morning. (between I got class at 9am)