he love doing cat sound! don’t ask me why.. I also don’t know.

Dudee, happy 20th birthday!


a person who can be Hyperactive and Serious at time. who can use 10 packets of tissue paper per day or maybe a toilet tissue roll. used toes to pinch people. love to leave bruises on people’s hand or leg. who actually eat  uncook hotdog(Ewww~!!). good in arguement, always defeated by him. good in making Models. creative!? sometimee!! always spoil the surprise we prepared for him =(  . yet, a caring and kind friend. pat people’s head is the best thing of him because he loves hitting people’s head by his own head when he is hyper, better run for your life!! Overall, a good entertainer among friends. =)

a friend who treat me like sister and will msg-ed me when Im all the way in Brunei, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =)