Finally, I can go online!! The weather here caused the internet connection ON&OFF and its testing my patiencee!! Alright, skip these. Show you my cosy room. Yeaps, I moved to single room (yeshhh, privaccy!!) ILOVEE MY ROOM! the space of my room is just enough for my “property” & fit bunch of  BEST friends whom I always “store” them in my heart(awww~), see, how can I not lovve my room?!


the whitee cupboard on the right of my bed,is the black cupboard I used to have in my room last year but I sprayed it whitee few days ago. because black get dusty very easily and Im bored with black already. WHITE is nice and clean. I think my bed is nicee too. Blue colour!!got beach de feeling, that’s why I called it paradise. =)


previouly, I said I want to decorate my room’s wall with picturee but I don’t have time for that yet. Hopee I will have free time soon. don’t you think it is much more pretty and interesting with photos on the wall?


my working spacee. The light brown table andwhite chair are from Ikea. Somehow, the drawing table provide me motivation in doing  my assignment. Its nicee to have a big table for assignment, I dont have to clear everything and put aside first before starting my work, whichI think is so wasting timee!! agree?

hahaha. my eye lid ishuting down soon. I should go brush& DREAM on my comfortable blue bed. I know you will agree with me, cause its 1:45am right now!!

Good Night!! I mean Good Morning.. =)