Woopss!! Just got back from Ikea. Im happy that I finally got a drafting table after waiting for so long since last year. A BIG THANKS TO MY DAD!! but  my room is ocuupied… mmmm!! nevermind a big table for assignment is more important than the space. going to decorate my room with PICTURES by sticking them on the wall, make it more interesting! agree?! see how it goes la and since Monday is a holiday, I got banyak free time. but I have to finish my assignment first!! yea yea yeah…

Dinner at Ikea. =)

021(Roxy) rm9 for 5 pieces! cheap&tasty….


(Bing and Me) kiddies Spaghetti. the spaghetti sauce is too sour for me…


Prawn salad! you will get addicted by the salty taste after you try one.. hahaha.

Thats all for todayyyy!!

*specially thanks Roxy for bringing me to Ikea and back to hostel!