from my BABIES! a belated birthday present from Samuel and Weng! THANK YOUUU!!!


I loveee!!!

Presentation on Monday were fine overall. Comments from Puan Sabariah, my design lecturer : 1) Don’t use Italics font for the presentation 2) Good definition for the words “Brand” and “Kiosk”. *BIG SMILE ON MY FACE. After presentation we went to Sunway for dinner, Dinner were Fun!! Surprisingly, we still remember the chemistry equation!! We were very childish except Samuel who were always serious-wanna-be(Oops!!) So, we, to be serious like him!! I started with this: “hey Samuel, can you pass me that cup of H2O!! ” and  everybody start, arr.. amonia, iodine, carbon, O2, radioactive.. say whatever things that make you look serious and nerdy laaa!!! Just for Fun~! we not show-ing off oh!! hehhee..

Im sick, ergh!! I HATEE IT!! arrr…!!!

Puuuff… Goood Night!!!