heelllooo~ how’s your SATURDAY?! mine is preety much relax, went library for “Kiosk” (a small open-fronted hut from which newspaper, food are sold) research this morning till one o’clock then went back hostel took a nap, woke up around 4o’clock and get ready for church and got back around ten something! and I discovered something, KFC SERVE DRIVE-THRU (sorry for being “sakai” here cause arr, staying here for a year liao oh, I only know got MC-D drive thru lor) but only at Subang, I don’t stay there lor, so don’t blame me!

I called this week a Bio week! (too much intercourse topic were discussed) few days ago, went for some LIGHT supper (informal meal, eating after nine at night, get it?!) downstair with my friends, we chat about Boy Girl relationships and exchange information between the opposite sex, those information are not those from your Form 5 Biography text book oh! Yesterday, during dinner we were “talking” about the same topic again (you must be thinking why discuss during dinner time? … I think its because of the COCONUT- inside joke) Today sermon’s is about “Sufffering are allowed by God!” One on the example he mentioned- God says that having sex before marriage is SIN and its hard to control sometimes when u are with your girlfriend or boyfriend but you still have to control until you married with him or her, the controlling part is the suffer from God. The way he preached and acted makes all the people laughs! now you know why, I called this week a “Biology Week”!? =/see the connection ma?

Picture time. =)


by architecture student, they warming up task before lesson starts for this semester were to form a group of five and make aeroplane(dunno why got people make fan =_=’) which can fly 10metre with an egg inside and when it land, if the egg is not broken, YOU PASSED THE WARMING UP!! =)


the Kiosk research thingy, is so hard to find! arggh! but I found few examples after spending time messing up the school library this morning.JANE WENT LIBRARY WOR!!? Yeah man, I broke record today I spent the longest time ever for the pass 18 years in the library, yesh perpustakaan, LI BRA RY!!  Anyway, that’s Sam, he’s thinking of something… serious oh?!!


another serious man!! better don’t disturb them when they are serious, I experienced the consequence =(


Im’ tired!!! so that’s all for toddayyy!! Good night. =)

Enjoy your Sunday while I have to stay at home and complete the slideshow for Monday presentation! =S