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errr~long timeee tak ada vain sudah. hahaha. givee whatever “definitionn” you want! I dun caree!! to all kawan in Brunei, Im doing finee here and incase you miss me or forget how I look like, theree you go!! still the samee, dint lose any weight or gain weight “at the moment”. I MISS YOU ALL, hope you all does too!! Hopee to see you all soon, erm maybe this coming June. also wish all the best to those who are siting for A LEVEL exam this coming June and also end of the year lah!! JOHN CHING WEI JIAN, study smart and work hard for your O Level, samee to June paper, do your very best!! Start revising now beforee its too late. Dun worry, I will call or msg you and nag nag nag!! wahahaha!! mwah little sister, score many many “A” for your PSR exam. Judy Goh Ting Ting, good to see that you’re dong finee there, eh!enjoy your day and tressure the time you spend on the dreamland beforee any of your assignment comee. hehehe. Susann, treassuree every minute in Brunei!! Adelinee Liew, I saw your aims for the O Level, archieve it!and will bring you for a big meal!! Alyssa, dun forget to let me knw the info of the youth camp and “Jia you” for your A Level. Sharon Cheng, got any problem with wordpress, come find me la, ehseh! hahaha. Carissa, DRIVEE ME OUT SOON!!*wink wink*  UC, my apple is still red and fresh(macbook is working good so far!!) thanks thanks!! =) DC, I got a new toe ring today! PinJia, Winnie and Lynn, let me know what you want from here before I go back! just makesuree its not heavy or fragile stuff. and I will try my best to find it =) Grace, please updatee your blog! Karen, I miss cheezebox with you and others! =(

message sent!!

let me know if you received. *big smile!

*I noticed that blue is still the best colour on my list!

with loves, Jane.