a ten ringgit…

my room is so bright when the sun is out, which makes me wake up “quite” early. This morning I woke up, I took my towel and when out of my room leaving my door open then I thought, ey, not safe oh like that!? so for safety I close and LOCKED my room door. and the next thing I realize I LEFT MY KEY IN MY ROOM!! thank God I brought my phone along with me.. called the management, asked them help me to open my door! They asked me to go down =,= HELLO IM IN PYJAMAS LAR, so I called my friend for help, Bing left her phone in her room=_=’ and went to her house to moved her stuff then I called Suxin-my classmate, who stay one floor above me to help me to go management to open my room’s door for me. im in my room now and will be going out soon. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR KEY, JANE!!