something to keep my day busy and not to think of home, so I went out in the morning, helped BingBing to move her stuff in the afternoon and blog at night. Well, Bing actually moved out from hostel to the new house opposite our hostel on Sunday and right now she is in her new room with AIR-COND just next door of my room. Yeaps, she moved back to the hostel and this unit is now not quiet anymore and its good. When Im alone, like yesterday after my mum leave, I started to miss homee! I still feel strange in this new unit and no friends is with me, ROXANE NG WIN YAN come back!!!

some photos taken back in January.


This is a fake fire cracker but it produce sound totally the same as the long red fire cracker that you used when the lion dance come. Whoever created this is creative and LOVE the world cause this reduce air pollution and can be reuse again year after year. People, Love the world too by just reuse and recyle!! not  “REDO” (I dunno why my lecturer love to use this word… hmmm~)


Kids don’t like this kind of Lion dance cause the face is scary. =/


“Dancing Light” btw, this fire crackers are not FAKE one. and do they actually cause pollution? anyway, we played during Chinese New Year only, one year one time. =)


She called me “AUNTY” !!  I felt OLD, looking at all my cousins, nieces, my brother who is in form 5 now and my sister. They all grown up so fast and Im getting older and older and saya belum ambil car license. =(


I asked her to call me “Jie Jie” but her grandma ask her to call me ” aunty ” which is supposed. anyway, cause of her cute-ness, I forgive her la. hahaha…


arrr, this cousin call me “Jie Jie” lar.. top CUTEST and intellligent cousin among all. is all Valentine baby like that? She looks like a TOP student in school with that spectacles, don’t you think so?


Everything were fine during Chinese New Year, except the not co-operate weather which causes flooding and landslides. This police were going to the housese opposite to safe people.

That’s all for today.

I’m alright already, Thank you for your caring my Kawan! Love you all. =)