right now, Im at this restaurant called “VILLA MUARA”  with WI-FI of course, first time here. The food is too expensiveee!!! but I like the interior, really got VILLA de feel. the table next to us ordered so many, two people only leh. My bro and I ordered mocktails and ice-cream only =(, we just had our dinner anyway. mmm~


Nice?? I like this place, If the foooodd is not that expensive, I will come here everyday!


My favouriteee.. POP CORNNN… I Pop/Cooked this okae!!! no joking weh!! haha.. from little seed placed in a hot pan they all pop into pop corn. oh magic~ lalalala!!


got popcorn then must have DVD also ma right?! Like that only got the CINEMA FEEELL!! hahaha.. I watched Wild Child, High School Kid by Super Junior, Bolt, Beverly Chiwawa etc..


something to entertain myself during this boring holidays. D I Y stands for Do It Yourself right..? then oh, later on, its called..


DID IT YOURSELF!! =) this is my Grocery Shop! tomatoes, chillies, onion etc, come here and buy! haha.. kidding.


Dinnerrrr with them at Capers.

I can’t accept the fact that Im not a BRUNEI RESIDENCE.. arrgh! because of this I can’t join the photography competition and take my license here! daaannnggg! I used to complain that Brunei is hoter than KL and nowadays, it keeeps raining! so inconvenient… =/ alright, I will be going back to hometown next week for Chinese New Year! haiyss.. why time pass so fast?! and Yeahh, Susan and Nelly coming back sooonn… Outingsss??? lalallaalaa~ The waiter here keeep asking us if we want to order anything elseee… Oh, even the chef came out to asked us If we want to try they desert!! goood service! but I think some people will think is annoying lor.. lalala! that’s all for today la.. Bye!

I reeaaalllly LOVE this place! can I not go homeee…?!

Jane. =)