Okie Okie, I m here to update my blog. People start to complain that I update my blog sloowww!! What to do?!! No e-speed at home ba…

Today is the day of school reopen for Brunei and Malaysia  but not to all student, yeaps.. Im still having my holidays! School will only reopen on the 18th of Feb.


I like this picture, took it with white and black mode at Esenssual hair saloon! I named this picture PATIENCE! This two ” Leng Zai” are waiting for they friend. Fu How(the white shirt) done his hair cut and Chun (the stripes shirt) waiting for his turn. I found a one day boyfriend and he will be mine on my birthday! *ehem! (so desperate for a boyfriend huh!?)


This tree are right infront my house! Its Dry-ness make its unique, you might see birds on the trees but actually is the dry leaves! =)


Chinese New Year coming and I baked cookies today for the season! but I fail because the shape is not nice, I expect it to be round but after baking, It become square and bigger!! totally out of shape. =( I wish to have an oven at my hostel!!

just a short update! =)