lalalala~ yesterday “Ketchup” session were fun! and glad that I get to meet the girls except Judy, who can’t join us. =( Anyway, after Cheezbox we went to the Jepun shop a.ka. Harujuku where Winnie works, went there to disturb not to buy clothes. =/



which hairstyle do you prefer? the rock and roll or the SEXY one? hahaha…this is what COOL people do when they are bored!!

woo! one more day and its time to say bye to 2008! hais. Countdown at Karen’s house tomorrow, sorry I can’t make it girls!! Have Fun!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

don’t ask me if I have any new year resolution! I will tell you I don’t have. and Im not going to plan any new year resolution because I din’t archieve any of the 2008 resolution. hmmm..

alright, my bro need his lappy, will stop here.

Happy new year to all my readers, friends… EVERYONE!!! ALL THE BEST AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL. =)