Im not too LATEEE to greet you all MERRY CHRISTMAS RIGHT?! haha. sorry.. were very busy few day back, my grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins came to visit us and celebrate Christmas together, 27 people in my house with no HOUSE-MAID, do you think I got free time? Busy serve them, entertain all the kids, tour them in town.. and they went back today, my home so silence and empty. I miss them! anyway, will see them in a month again during Chinese New Year. So, how’s your Christmas celebration? Mine is good cause my siblings had fun too! (They love the games I prepared for them) pheww!! do you know that Kids are not easy to entertain!?

So, Christmas is over and 2008 is going to end soon and that makes my heart beats faster! haha. Im looking forward for 2009 but not excited about it BECAUSE I HAVE TO RETAKE MY BUILDING SCIENCE!! yeaps, I got my result before Christmas. seeee, What a great Christmas present I received from Uni?! anyway, I still Thank God for my results cause I scored passed the important module(subject). SMILE!!! =)


an outing to Berakas beach with siblings.


naughty, cute, active, talented.. many words to describe la.


she is CUTE!! the Valentine Kid. =)


Favourites. yummy yum… ~ POP corn POP corn!!!


Enough for one week? haha.

That’s all for today I guess. Plan for next week, Catch up session with friends, dint really meet up with friends since Im back… hmm~ planned for getting my license this december failed. so, continue to take me as your passenger!! haha. =)

Oh, incase Im not going to online before New Year!

Wish you all Happy New Year. =)

… and watch Battleground on astro Channel 311 on Saturday night, 7pm. =)

Roxy, sad to hear the lost of Abby.. =( plan to get one again?

Bye and Nights.