-addicted to: vanilla  ice-cream with crispy nestum added.

try this recipe!! tasty and healthy. hahaha… to those who dislike nestum like me, just try it cause Its not yucky at all!! but but but… the nestum must be dry oh, if its wet… It might not taste that good!!! =)

-Im suppose to join Pin Jia they all for movie tonight but Im a bit lazy. BUT Im at oustside now with my brother. hahaha.. It seems like going to cafe to online is part of the daily routine. =) sorry bah, no e-speed at home..

-Im worried about my result, anyway good to hear that result is going to be out next week…  and I know my result is not going to be good! =S

-ANDREW LIM, happy birthday!! whereelse you will be this time other than CLUB huh?! hahaa.. kidding kidding! anyway, God Bless You! =)

alright, that’s all for today! Bye.