I am at cheezebox again, Im here to online not eat arr..! The conection is super duper good!! =) a short update for today, took the photos below this evening at Tasek Lama, went there to jog with family.


after jogging or exercise lar, normally people will stand infront the waterfall to breath the fresh air and enjoy the waterfall.


natural water, god for your health.. for bathing la.. not drinking!! hahaha.. If you dare to drink, why not? but of course must cook first! hahahaha..


playground for little kid while parents do they exercise. =p


Tasek Lama changed a lot and attracted many people go there. Now not only people who do exercise go there lor, photographer also love to go there. (cause I saw two photographer just now) hahaha.. =)

“Nature makes Environment Pretty!”

That’s all for today!

Jane. =)