Happy 18th Birthday, JUDY GOH-my so called TWIN sister!! This girl arh, just turn 18th today and guess what? She is going to attend Law class this afternoon!! so eager to drive huh!! Anyway, you are legal now… You can do anything you want but be a GOOD girl still! =)


Lalala~ good to hear that you finally settle where to study next year!! Jia you..!


a little gift for you… =)

*(If you think is Nice, I painted it with my heart, If you think is not nice, I painted it with my hand)

Visitors on air:

-hello people. this is winnie. =D we are eating at cheezbox right now but i have to leave Jane and Karen already, because I have to go back to work. Hais. so sien….

-hi everyone!!! this is karen here =) =)  yea me and jane are just chilling here at Cheezbox waiting for the time to past. err ohhh, a shout-out to JUDY GOH for turning 18 today!! hope you like the present that we gave you and of course the lovely not-so-surprise-celebration thing that we organized. =p hahaha bah, i’m out! xoxo

* Nachos is here.. pooooof, sign off.