Im back HOME!! yea..~ and Its time to update my blog ey!? I had a great time for the pass six days in KL with my siblings! shopping, Genting, the adventurous family… explore here and there?!

KL moments.


my lil brother and lil sister! It was they first time in KL and of course they had fun! I am they tour guide and on the same time I experienced many things and know KL better. Luckily my hostel is far far away from town. Town is busy and complicated. Environment in Cyberjaya more peaceful lor and I like!!


Snowy house in Genting. a group photo with my family and cousins. haha. we all curious how they make the whole container with ice bah, so go in see see play play lor. Its cold inside but not much cool stuff and we were allowed to play for 40mins inside.


my Laoma and Laopa in Paris. haha.. neh~ its in KL Genting..


Shuffle Your way to Melbourne contest! by KFC. This guy in the photo is one of the competitor, I forget what is  his name but my bro told me he is very famous in YouTube. haha..


Oh, Im sick in between the six days!!! sienz sienz!!! First time I sit on the bench during shopping time! Im so sick that day, first time I feel so cold in Sunway (Joke: Sunway is Hot cause its SUNway!) shopping mall lor, were planning to bring them to try the steamboat opposite Sunway but due to my SPOILER SICKNESS, we went back hotel early!! arghhh..Spoiler Me!!


My brother kena influenced by me. haha.. He took more photos than me!! Luckily we got our own camera. Erm, I think la.. when someone own himself/herself a camera, he difinitely will love taking picture! agree???


Christmas trees are placed everywhere not only in shopping Mall and each Christmas tree have they own themes. This Christmas tree is the tallest Christmas tree in KL, I think…!! go KLCC and have a look!! The Christmas tree in One Utama shopping Mall is also nice, they decorated it as “Alice in The wonderland” the disney cartoon.* will try to upload the picture later*


High tea with Kimbo and Jyn before I leave KL in Ms.Read… We were busy on the phone with Dad, while Jyn playing around with my cammy!


Christmas give exchange with Kimbo and Jyn. haha.. I realize her expression only after I import the picture into my lappy… hahaha. Kimbo, don’t worry.. you will get more present during Christmas. cheerr up!


I discovered a Shampoo bar sold in market! I know got body soap la, now they have shampoo soap also. hmmm~ COOL!!! and convenient, can bring easily to anywhere!! =)


Three Baby Milo Love to drink MILO and that’s why they wear Baby Milo shirt!! hahaa. The monkey on my shirt is actually called JAPE, from far its look like JANE! no kidding, lots of people thought is my name not only till they see clearly!


Its time to go HOME!! and bye bye KL… see yeah next year!!

*internet connection here is so so slow like TURTLE!!

till here.