alright, I dint get to move to a new room. hmmph! all under maintainenance room will be ready two weeks later (they told me will be ready by this week). Anyway I will be checking out tomorrow. checking out means go and leave the room without leaving any belongings!! I finished packing all my stuff into boxeS- all my properties!! where will I keep all my stuff leh? you might ask! My friends who are not going anywhere or check out and have no holidays, will keep all my stuff for me. so nice of them right?! rewards: treat them a meal! =) when I moved my stuff to my friends place, a bit paiseh lor, cause I have lots of stuff (two lorries maybe will be enough to store my stuff!) * red face.. … but girls sure got many stuff de ma, ehem! *self-comfort. =p

I will be checking in next year around January, Im not going to fly all the way back just to check in lor. Luckily they allow me to call to check-in. another plan is to stay with Kimbos in apartment. (have to “organize” family meeting when I go back to Brunei, will see if my brother and sister vote for the currrent hostel or Kimbo’s apartment, hahaha…) Well, I really thanks Kimbo, Jon and Uncle(Kimbo and Jon’s dad) for allow-ing me to stay with kimbo and Jon. On the other hand, also I thanks to Weng and Sam for asking me to stay will both of you. Thanks thanks… but Im still the daddy’s daughter, so have to listen to him!! will let you guys know where I will be staying next year once conclusion is made, Okie!? *cheeerrss!!

Tonight marks my last day of staying in this Master room! I will definitely missed this bed and this big and cosy room, I Love this bed more than my home’s bed lor. hmmph!! so tomorrow after checking out, I will be going to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to meet up my royal king, queen, prince and princess a.k.a my Family!! yesh, they are coming tomorrow and going to airport to meet them up is a surprise.. They asked me to meet them early Friday morning but sorry la, I can’t wait to see them!! You know the excitment of meeting parents, brother and sister after not seeing each other for like erm.. two months( is like 2 years)!! just excited la.. sumore is in KL!! woosh!! Oh, my aunt and cousins are coming too!! yeahh!! One thing Im looking forward most is doing shopping with the Prince a.k.a my brother!! can’t wait!! shooping with brother than with boyfriend is much more *cool and fun* lor.. haha. (eh, walaupun I dint involve in any relationships before, I know the *feeling* de lor, okie!?) haha..

*kimbos, johny boy, weng, jimmyjyn jyn, sam sam.. don’t low-grade your lame-ness and craziness, just because of not seeing me for two months aiks?! =p

*will sleep and spend more time in my room tomorrow!! huhuhu~

*haiss, no more late night hang out, yum-cha, k-box-ing, 24 hours online everyday.. ” back to healthy and daddy’s daughter routine!”

*sorry no picture for this post.. can’t upload!! mmmm…

*will update when I got time alright, lappy will not be with me for few days…

that’s all for today, i guessed..

Nights people!! and Happy Holiday!!!

Bye kawan, bye room, bye mamak stall…