*yawn..* I went to the management office just now, they attitude toward students is so so terrible and I have to go to the management office in the evening again. arggh!! all the rooms are still under maintenance… I must must must get a room before this friday!!! Im alone at home.. Kimbo is busy looking for houses with her dad and brother. * current doings: alone but… … – after I on my lappy, on the right side below of lappy screen, something pop up and I smiled , Its Weng the crab and Sam came online later on chat with them.. on the same time msg-ing with Kimbo!! =)

* I need to go ATM to withdraw and settle my rental!!

sparkling ribena and butterscotch sweet is so good. haha.. random!

christmas-is-nearits 1st of December means Christmas is near!! woohoo~ December is the month of my excitement!! want to know why?! haha.. visit my blog more often this month!! =D

put your hands up to the sky and say Bye Bye Bye!!