dun forget to add me in ur msn, just changed to a new e-mail address. (refer the previous post for my new e-mail) =D

yeaps, just got back from One Utama, met PinJia with kee and Sian. Its a tiring day… … lunch, window shop, chit chat and take photos. Dint do much things… Im new to One Utama, so dun really know what entertainment they have there. pictures were taken wth pinJia’cam, wait till she update her blog la yea. hmmph, 4 more days of freedom..!! hais. I have to go management office tomorrow to check out If there is any empty single room, hopefully they have and hope its at second or third floor, facing the swimming pool! ( new housemates! mmmm~) *Kimbo, I will visit u in the weekends!!* move move move~ I have lots of stuff lor!! have to move everything to new room before friday! Thursday is the arrival of myKING, QUEEN, PRINCE and PRINCESS. I can’t wait for them to be in town though!! Oh, Ah Wei, Weng and Sam.. want to see my sister right?! appointment please!! and I will be in Brunei next week! woo~ so fast!! dum~dum~… Lalala.. *eating popcorn!!(my dinner)

alright, sowie no photos and just a short update!

Jane. =)