I can’t believe I went Sunway five day straight. It seems like Sunway Pyramid is a nice place to hang out huh?!!


Monday, steamboat after class… I enjoyed more on taking picture than eating food that night , credits to Ji Sung’s cam that make me snap here and there. haha.. * I look ganas on that pic..!!=S*


Tuesday, went redbox after we submit our portfolio, tried they buffet… Not bad!!! and finally Sam granted his wish, sang the song “Bukan Cinta Biasa” by Siti Nurhaliza, never get to sing previously..


Wednesday, accompanied Yvonne to buy J Co donuts to bring back to her hometown and on the same time I grabed some christmas goodies for kawan! also there were christmas performance that day!! cute move and cute dancers!! =)


Thursday night, chill with this friends… should see how they dance!!! When they are on the dance floor, they are another people.


Today, draged by Chenelle to meet her friend. Have desert and chit-chat.

Church service is somewhere in Sunway and its tomorrow.

Sunday, meet up with Pin Jia… guess where we meet up??

* not alone anymore tomorrow, crazy friend is back!…

Good night.