Im officially on holiday now… Oh no wait, tomorrow I still have to go campus and hand up my drawing portfolio. anyway, I will be very FREE after passing up the portfolio(I think) but not till I go back to Brunei, because I have aims to be archieve!!(wah, sounds so semangat ah!) apart from party-ing with my girlfriends, friends and ex-classmates larr.. have to work on my aims too!!! will talk about this later, relax first! Well, today’s drawing exam is the last exam and this semester had come to an end. super duper fast!!! honestly, I dint learn much thing this semester. hmmph!! but, Im a bit worry that I have to retake some of the subjects next year, I know I dint do my very best … blame my lazy-ness!! ='( anyway, Its over.. will see the results next year. Drawinfg exam finished at 6pm just now and we went to have steam-boat to celebrate the end of this semester but only few of us went, the other classmates seems busy and have they own plans. 21rm per person, all you can eat, just take as much as you want but must finish lor if not they will fine.. 100gm for 6rm. there’s no left over on our table.. so we are good!! =)


Good Night. Jane. =)