Day 2- On our way back, we went to this place called Bukit Tinggi, where there’s a resort called French Village, a nice place for holiday! Its far from town though near to Genting . Will spend my holiday there someday! with family? with friends? =)

Photos taken in French Village.


view of French Village (inside) I like the colours they used and also the pattern of the windows


a group photo. Jyn, Kimbo, me, Yvonne, Jon, Wilson, Amanda, Bing and boyfriend (dunno his name)


photoshot of BingBing in the swimming pool


two lovely Swan in the pond!! hardly take they picture, keep moving here and there! aren’t they pretty?


love French Village, I definitely will go again. =)

a tiring journey to Genting and French Village yet FUN!!! fun time is over and Its time to get ready for tomorrow’s drawing exam! Kimbo will be going to Ipoh tomorrow and Yvonne will be going back to Miri on Wednesay, I will rot at home alone for ten days!!! bring me out people!!! save me from the boredom!! =S