Two days, One night trip to Genting. and I am back, missing the cold weather and fun I had with friends. We arrived there around noon, Its noon and the weather is super duper cold( I wore 2 jackets!) without wasting time we went to the hotel straight and placed our bags in the bell boy counter.. We check in later because its long queue, so we went to the Genting Theme park-outdoor first. The atmosphere actually MOISTURIZE MY HAIR!! and Its good, soft hair is what I want. haha.. and We played and ran here and there but no sweat at all! How I wish that I could stay in a place with this kind of atmosphere forever. =) alright, pictures ahead…


a view of Genting theme park-outdoor. It rain around 4thirty, dint’ get to play all. =S nevermind, stilll got chance!


I got a free entrance voucher from Jusco as they member card holder, an entry cost 38ringgit! Im happy to have this privilege and I do not regret that I applied Jusco member card, my mom don’t let me apply actually. =/

The Fun.


 this is so CUTE!! hahaha.. but,


not this! I don’t have the gut to play this. my friend they all dint get to play cause it rains when its they turn.


go kart and balloon. Go kart is one of the most favourite game of visitors, have to wait long before your turn. Balloon, I dint get to sit.. cause Its closed due to the not co-operate weather. I love the colour of the balloon. COLOUR+ SKY = RAINBOW.


Flying coaster, got a free voucher for this too, 12rm to Fly! haha.. call me scary cat, I dint play. gave the voucher to brave friend! haha..

The fishy.


banyak fish in the pond arr! Those fish are kinda scary when you feed them because…


they mouth open till so big!! this fish will make you fall in temptation to buy more fish food to feed them. and one little packet cost 3rm. HUNGRY FISH! will kesian them so will buy more food lor. =S

The Clowns.

skinny clown, chubby clown, tall clown, HANDSOME clown, funny clown…!! tell you something, I once be a clown aith Susan in high school time during children’s day.hahaha..



exchanged glasses! haha.



they are all good in entertaining. =)


Ooopss~! haha.. Kimbo and his brother (Jon)


One thing!!! remeber to bring your camera charger along when you are going for two or more days trip! I forget to bring and my camera battery went low batt on the first day night!! Luckily my friends bring they camera along! =)


the girls, Yvoonee, mana you?


DeeJay Kimbo and Janey in the house.. Check it out! yo~


haha.. I love this kind of phone boothe(*where superman used to change his cloth in there), the first time I saw this kind of phone boothe were in KotaKinabalu.


London!! wait for me.. give me another two years time!!!


She had Fun! so do we! =)


Genting food is never cheap! a sandwich and a ribena, and it cost 7rm =/


nerdieee!!! and UGLYYY!! haha…


SUPERSTAR!! walking back to the hotel! And out to indoor park at night, Ripley’s haunted house were the place most of them want to go but at last we went to Ripley’s believe it or not.. Its really cool with all the facts that I don’t know before!! Must go someday If you haven’t! We were not allowed to take pictures but somehow we still break the rules..


ties!! enough for a man to wear for 30 years!! haha..

part 2 of the trip next post! check it out!! =)