yeah, finally I’ve finished with my compact living model house after staying up late and slept for 9 hours only this three days… but Im dissappointed with my presentation today.. NOT GOOD!! don’t want  to be the first one to present next time!! not going to talk more about my presentation, nothing to talk about though. but after all, other than losing self-confident… I did gained some presentation skills!! =)


one of the interior perspective of my Japanese style model.


the exterior of the house. I want your comment! do drop your comment on J’s chatbox or the comment box. =)


after the presentation.. and Its time to … MOVE IT MOVE IT!!! yesh, I watched the front and the ending part of Madagascar 2 in the cinema this afternoon. Why front and ending part only?! haha.. Its because I fall asleeep..!!! comfortable environment though. =p after movie, we went Baskin Robin.. grab some ice-cream to de-stress ourself. that’s how u enjoy life, I mean overcome stress.. FOOODD!!!


after making model, our fingers were “dirty”, not purposely-decorated  with those super strong glue called ‘CA glue” which we used it to glue our model. to clean all those glue, we decide to do manicure. Enjoy Hoh!? (the guys accompanied only, they dint do.. or they dare not to try, haha..) who say manicure is for gals only?!


O.P.I is the best nail polish brand among all. and only today I know, actually.. nail polish do have season.. eg: you might not get this same particular colour the next season..! They will have new and limited colour on every season.


I like all the designs but its not my style.. not suit me perhaps. hahaha.

Oh yeaaa.. everywhere in kL now is decorated.. and Its time for you to pay a vacation to KL cause Christmas is near and by all means… BIG GRAND SALE IS COMING SOON!!! shop shop shop…!!! not to forget to get me a christmas present too. hahaha.


Jingle bell, Jingle bell… im looking forward to the christmas this year!!

blue frame spec, a hip hop cap and a green rose ring. Trend of today!! hahaha…


going to Genting tomorrow, two days one night trip. =D