I can’t sleep, I know I should just lay on the bed and close my eyes but since I ada angin to blog.. so here am I. (building material exams in 5 hours time) All this is just random but its what I want to tell and here’s my chance before its too late… relax, Its not something bad! I enjoyed my course with the present of all of you. To coursemate,year 1, semester 02:

Chabo-laughing, sharing, gossip-ing, eating, learning… all this is just so natural, because we hearts each other!! crazy-bestfriend, can’t wait for the trips to Melaka and Genting with you and others! Love You!

Buddy-din’t talk much with him these days, he is just so busy with his things till din’t reply my msg and his concentration and serious-ness is over my expectation. or maybe Im just nobody to him?!! anyway, all the best Bestfriend! can just come to me when you need help!

theBoss-working hard as a class rap, responsible in everything!! Keep it up! *my high school yellow sports team design is just same like his high school(in KL)yellow team t-shirt… we called it as couple shirt!! haha.. cause nobody else have it.

theThinest-you’re the one who never fail to be funny and always make me laugh-the happy pill and I hearts your voice… when you sing I meant!

theFashiony-do you know that actually you’ve the talent?! don’t waste it, friend!! … and advice from friend are useful, don’t run away from it!

theRoomate-gal, I do see some improvement in you.. Jia You!!

theSushi- drink more water and eat more fruits!! be strong, take care of your health!! hugs!

theBeanBean- Don’t let people look down on you okay!! they’ve no rights to do or said so.. Cheer up!

theFlower-thanks for inviting me to join you to clubbing or travelling… I appreciate, and forgive me that I can’t make it to join you!

theDisneydude-download more disney songs, I will get it from you! haha..

Sung-I want KimChi!! teach me more korean words!!

Kuen-why am i always only an angel when I do goods for you!?! =(

ah Chinda-Sawanika! when teach me speak Thai?

theVenise- bring me to mars?! haha.. why live so far? come stay with us in hostel!

Firo- your smile is pretty!! Im proud of you confident!

Aisha-hardworking is good! Keep it up!

*arghh… I typed till siuk siuk, my lappy shut down suddenly just now!

anyway, Im finished with expressing… hope I dint miss out any, apart from those I dont-know them coursemates in class.

alright, Its 4:30am and I shall go to sleep!! (Im not sleepy though)

Good Morning!

Yours Truly,