by Adele.

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. What do you want most for the time being??

being love by someone.

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?

taking pictures

3. What is your 1 regret in life?

quarell with daddy for others. =(

4. Who inspires you?

currently those interior designer and architecture, inspired me the most with they designs.

5. Tell me something I dont know about your family background.

my grandma is not a chinese. (guess that explain why I have a dark brown skin)

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?

wahahaha, NO NO NO.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

everyhting I have right now, family.. friends.. education..

8. What do you feel like doing, right now?

finishing up my model.

9. If you can get out of your current life circumstance, would you?

erm.. half half.  experience it or get away from it..

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.

-a good leader. -she is pretty with her big and round eyes. -nice to talk to.

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

first and formost, Love and… more la.. It takes three days two nights to list out. =)

12. If you were given a choice, would you want to know what love is all about?

Love is Kind, patience and ….. would like to experience it not only knowing it.

13. What is your ambition?

an Interior designer? a part time photographer? a hair stylist?

14. Describe your life in one word.


15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ?

Rich! who will be sad when he /she is rich afterall? hahaha..

16. If you have a chance, where would you like to further your study with scholarships?

New Zealand

17. Who is the persons (peoples) that you can share all your problems with?

God, Mummy and a friend who always know when I faced problem.

18. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Wooo, perhaps I would need a binoculars.

19. What is the one thing you love about yourself?

confident?! =/

20. What is your dream job?

rich man wife.

the 8 people I tag… …



-Pin Jia




-Samuel Wong


have a nice day.