and Its Monday… arrr,Monday… arrr, Monday. Pheeww~ communication studies presentation were over. During the question and answer part, I’m a little bit in mess.. haha. Don’t have any confident to answer the question but I did answer. Everyone’s presentation were good. =D Next coming up presentation is next wednesday, this presentation is tuff, we have no idea what the panels will ask us about the house we designed.. Well yea, just have to clearly know what’s our own design concept and style. before going that far.. and WAAHHAHAHA… my model is not done yet.. Oh wait, Is not start yet despite from the 2 to 3 mock up I did few weeks ago.. Original model.. I haven’t even start!!! Woohhhooo….~ and I should go to bed now. Good night. =D *stomachache since saturday morning, its not pms. =S Jane.