me to you

say-oka me to you bear from brother and Sharon for my birthday present. I placed it somewhere in the shelf. Kimbo came in to my room yesterday and saw this little bear. She brought it to her room- sprayed this little bear withe her favourite Paris Hilton parfume and hide it under my jacket. and Later I noticed, this little bear actually can open his hand. ITS A CLIPPER BEAR!! haha..


The Product is out.


Yesh, I managed to come out with this design for my tile. The coloured pieces are from the previous broken tile by plaster of Paris. (reuse!) but this time I used two materials: cement and plaster of Paris. Cement- last longer! above picture: Kimbo’s feet.. (polluted my tiles… *%4#@#5!!)


submission time.



Jyn drove us for lunch somewhere in Cyberjaya park on Thursday afternoon. I love that place. a very relax-ing environment.


Nasi Goreng Kampong, nyaman sekali, tengok gambar juga tahu!

for digestion.. we decided to camwhoring at the balcony of the restaurant..


“Wao~ What a good view!” said kimbo and all laughed….


showing off. (puffy hair I have..)


Red box.

place we hang when presentation is cancelled.


Kimbo, Weng and Janeey..


Jason, Yvonne, Jyn and Redbean.


Coming Up- November

10th – Communication Studies.

13th- submission of all drawing assignment and 16 sketches and Building Material Exam

14th- submission of Building Science presentation slide and Exam.

15th- Drawing Exam.

19th- Model submission and presentation.

24th- Portfolio submission

onwards- Fun Time.. =D

yeah, will go back Brunei soon..