surprise birthday celebration for housemate-Amanda, who just moved in few week ago. her birthday is yesterday, we pretend like we don’t know its her birthday.. She and her boyfriend went out early in the morning. her boyfriend gave us her room’s key and we decorated her room. cake with 19th candles lighted and birthday song played in her room,few minutes before she and her boyfriend reach were already well prepared.. Chocolate indulgence from secret recipe were her favourite according to her boyfriend.. how  sweetttt of her boyfriend!!  hahhaa..

Woohoo, a simple decoration in her room’s wall, done by us..

her friends and coursemates.. oh, she’s doing interior architecture.

yeah.. Love doing surprise for people and of course with th result of Joy on the face.

once again, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY.. AMANDA…!!!


AN HOUR LATER, I were standing at the balcony and saw fireworks. I shouted “Ng Win Yan..” (Kimbo).. she iiss in her room busy with journal.. and replied “what??!” I shouted again “Faster come out.. fireworksss…!!!” wah, right away she ran out of her room… haha. then she said: “wah, so goood Amanda’s birthday got fireworks..!!” she continued,” eh, why got fireworks?? tomorrow what day oh..?!” hmmph… I answered her in a very low tune: ” let me tell you what day is tomorrow…. Its Deepavali” and she walked away. hahaha..

Happy deepavali!!

Good nightt.. =D