Oh yeahh.. frreee time.. so I can update and entertain you guys,  just got back from Sunway.. went there to watch High School Musical but its full, argh.. I shhould book the ticket first!! anyway, I made tile yesterday by using Plaster of Paris… but BUT but… scroll down for result and know more about the process.. =)

get a container and pour the plaster of Paris in. Mix it will little bit of water than stir it.

pour into the empty box(according to the size you want), fill it until its full and flaten it.

let it dry.. i mean let it get hard. It get hard very fast.. very very fast!!

that’s how it look like.. when its harden and …

…its ready to paint… acrylic paint recommended.

and my friend said”AGain!!!” yea agian… the puzzle style. hahaha..

anyway, It doesn’t look like a tile after I painted it.. so I repainted it all white(make another design).. and leave it there to dry.. and one day later… a bestfriend came to visit, trying to be kind… wanted to test if my tile is supportive(Lecturer will treat it as real tile in the exhibition..-people will walk over it).. Oh well, *points below*

and it cracked… hais.. nevermind.. he promised me with cement. so wooohoo!!! going to make another new tile and of course with new design… =D

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