Lappy is back.. and Im now using Vista other than XP. but i still prefer XP.. reformated my lappy.. and its so empty now..  I want all the software I used to have… but im a lazy bumbs to download.. =S

friends in Brunei are having exams… same here, having final exams and assignments too. currently, design-ing and constructing a house. (will show you guys when done) yea, I had spent rm180++ in order to build this 3X6 m house with its compact living style.

being a good girl I dint do any shopping this week. haha.oh wait.. I did shopping but in the art shop.. hmph.. anyway, Im still happy with all these and with what I have… alright, I should stop here and bounce back to my assignments. smile and have a nice day.

yvonne, Kimbo and me.. at cocoa banana on friday night.