heyhey.. the previous post was random right?! haha.. anyway, Im here to share with you guys what I did today.. last last week, when Im still in KL, my bro and friend asked me to get them white mask and party mask, yep.. with the information from Pey Yi(one of my senior who studied in KL too).. I went to Sunway to look for it and I bought it.

the white mask, that people use for prom night.. and nowadays, mostly are used in dance as accessory. to make the mask more interesting, I decided to paint it, of course with the permission from brother.

to prevent from any mistake.. I drew guidelines with pencil first. can see my design and concept from this picture right?! simple design..

i tried to paint it with poster and water colour, the outcome is so sper duper ugly. have to use mould colour to paint it, I search the whole HuaHo and I dint get anymould colour and I went to Bismi and got this, all-purpose paint colour. $2.80 per colour/bottle. Im happy with the result, I get what I expected.

tada~ the finished product after spraying a layer of transparent.. and brother like it so yeah… but you, what do you think?! drop comment!!

puzzle and plain. PP design. =)

arrgh, just chat with Samuel.. and he just told me that I got four assignment to be complete and pass up next tuesday. but but but all my stuff is in KL… how how how??? im going to enjoy my holiday first and Oh, SELAMAT HARI RAYA people…!!! (for your info: Brunei is celebrating Hari raya on Thursday whereas Malaysia is celebrating tomorrow) going Miri tomorrow and will be back on friday.. so won’t be blogging this few day!! Take care and have fun! =)