its yesterday and Im now Legally 18! Thanks for all the greetings(text message, friendster, calls and others) and presssie! yea, im getting chubby and chubbier everyday.. yea should keep fit… stay wise.. Love God always.. get license..!!! =,=  I feeel OLD!! Oh, and also Thanks KL peeps for all the I-Know surprises eventough you guys failed, I still appreciate it okae~!!! THANK YOU!!! (bend 90 degeree)..  pictures ahead~

yep, celebrated in swensens… haha. The banner, “18th and Jane” were add on by myself.. they don’t know is birthday party (of course dont knw, because I dint tell) so they dint decorate lor..

Happy Birthday to myself! (my third birthday cake) Winnie wrote the wording on the cakes, too bright, can’t see the word.

” Happy Lame Birthday Jane” were wrote on the cake. =S

*Fire* the name of the ice-cream. blow off!!

a closer look. delicious~

I feeel funny when I look at this picture. haha.

Swensens have big menus.. with delicious food and ice-cream.

haha. everybody co-operate well when I said: “everybody take a fry(ies?)!”

Thanks for everything Gals!!

visit: and for other pictures.


celebration in KL..

cute leh, i meant the cake. (the night before I left)

once again,thanks for the surprise.. dint take picture of the cake! ( after the class on the day I left)


taken by Winnie’s canon1000D

I know you’re laughing, SUSAN!! hahaha, your brother pose well just like you do!!!

copy paste!! I look chubbier. yea, he is my brother… =)

that’s all..

Thank you for everything!!!