Wohoo~ here comes another weekend and I will be spending my last weekend of September in Brunei *wink wink!! Just got back from sunway to help my friend to get some stuff and Kimbo, who is going back to Miri tomorrow need to buy J.co donuts. so yea, she bought 2 and a half dozen of J.Co donuts for family and friends… and who can resist the temptation not eating it once you step in J.co?! haha..


rawr!!! greeedy me with two donuts.

yummy look. Oh, it really taste good..


wear pink must eat pink donut. match match!!!

new way of eating donut.. more delicious bah like that. haha..

every table in J.co have different quote. this is one of them!

it’s really different eating donuts in the shop itself than take away!!

*going airport later to pick-up Kimbo’s dad.

enjoy your weekend.