Yeah, its friday. Im happy cause tomorrow is saturday. =)

I were suppose to update blog last night but were busy with Malay house assignment, eeerrr, its not easy to work in a group.. and lecturers- the not-so-easy client that will like our models and who did not brief and set due date properly, can anyhow change everything.. who were trying to train us to an ALWAYS READY DESIGNER in a not-so-correct way. =S

its a fasting month and McDonald gave away voucher meals. so not to waste it, we went McDonald to enjoy the “nyaman-not healthy fast food” to fill our stomach.

“im Walking-thru!!” haha, Drive-thru its so convenient and fast(duh!its fast food of course fast) but its faster than “NOT DRIVE-THRU.”(ordering inside macdonald) For example.. mmm.. not exmaple la, this is what usually me and my friends do. After dinner, lunch or supper.. and when we’re craving for ice-cream or dessert, we will go to drive-thru McD, make your order, pay and take the ice-creamm and lik it. seee~ so fast… (fast in puting weight on too!! hehe..) Fast-That’s the aim of drive-thru anyway.. CREATIVE worh, even KFC also don’t provide drive-thru service weh!

OOOhhh, nerd? Neh, he is looking at Building Material reference book. so thick the book.. I dint buy it cause its black and white and its expensive.

this is nice!!! must try, dunno Brunei branch got ma.. “Spicy Mcshaker” you will love it if you a spicy eater.

Orderrr!!! Judy, I tried, Fillet-o-Fish, its nice… and Doublecheeseburger is not on my McD list anymore or maybe for now only..haha.

haha. we went there not only for lunch, also to finish our our drawing assignement.. her darwing is very nice.. trust me..

see… people would stop to look at her drawing.. its fasting month, so very little people(can tell from this photo) that’s why we do our drawing there lor. 2 in 1.. LUNCH AND DRAWING in McD (good smell atmosphere) =D


Then then then.. back to campus for Drawing class..

(30 mins perspective drawing outside the class)

everybody is busy drawing and im busy snap-ing.. haha.

woah! got technic de wooh, that’s what we learnt that day.. measure and draw..


Ah wei.


Its so hot weh.. do drawing at the balcony of uni, I have to carry my bag and do drawing sumore.. sweat like im bathing. Arggh, finished my drawing and went back to class with Rox.. while walking back to class, I have a bad feeling that I will lost something. and yeaah, my sense was exactly correct… someone stole my T-square ruler, this is the second time I lost it which is like two weeks ago and the just lost T-square ruler, I just bought it last week. ='( before we go out for the drawing, I did asked the lecturer, what If our things lost, how? cause she keep asking us to go out fast and I only bring my bags lor.. eeee~ I put my T-square ruler in my friends bag together with his ruler. clumssy me!!! even a t-square also cannot handle/ take care of it..

 a picture of my new T-square ruler and this how T-square ruler look like. Architecturer and Interior Designer’S VERY USEFUL tool!

 I LOVE YOU, dont go away from MaMa anymore!!!

assignments have been killing my times, friend invited me to Genting tmrw and come back on sunday or to join another friend to Malaca for research on sunday?!! im not joining themm.. oh, cause Im broke too! hais, but I WANT TO GO LAR!!!!

Well, will dream about me going Genting with my friends tonight. hahaha..


Good night and Have a Nice weekend. =)