Woohoo, I changed my blog’s header.. yea, its simple.. and Its my product so yeah!! haha..

took it with Canon Ixus 900 on a drive to KL and edited.

* XLR, you’re Huge (like me) and I want you!!

Crap issue~ prawn, ?

hmmmph.. one thing that sometime do bother me!! KL peeps love to claim that Im FAT and yeah I told them is not fat is chubby (self-defence), cause Brunei dudes say is chubby…Chubby and Fat different right?! so it means that Im chubby and  fat at the same time ar?… .. and these KL peeps and even Korean classmate like to PINCH AND HIT ME!!! my chubby hand nice to hit and pinch? If its fats, don’t think you guys will hit or pinch.. cause its gross..!!! Fat not good meh?!! Pinchableee.. and HUGABLE leh!!(comforting myself) hahaa.. sorry for crap-ing here.. Im too freeee, erm.. actually not in a mood to do work~LAZY!!!!.. wahahah. alright,that’s alll of today crappy … go watch movie.. see yeah!!

 Chubby sounds nicer and respect, so name/call me chubby and I will understand you… =D

pinch me then..

Issue closed.