Malaysia National day falls on 31st AUGUST. which is today.. and its MY MUUMY’S BIRTHDAY.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!!

 as a Malaysia citizen for eighteen years, this is my first time to celebrate its National Day here. There’re lot of event carried out .. countdown are one of them. Shopping Mall will be open untill 1am with everybody’s love- mega mega sales!!! tomorrow is the last day of sales. and my wallet is now thinner. *see me on diet soon..* haha.

Few days ago, I accompanied Samuel to JPJ at Putrajaya to renew his license, although his license din’t get to renew, its still worth to go cause we get to travel around putrajaya. Putrajaya, is a place where Malaysia spent amount of money on. The buildings and bridges there are really pretty because all those are government building and the Prime minister office is located there too, it is also a place where people get lost easily cause all the road and signboards are the same. very confusing.. =S

Happy National Day! (extra large flag, LimKokWing University)

roadside of Putrajaya.

look at the lamp post..!! its extraordinary compared to the other places lampost.


the ARCH??

the largest court in Asia, if im not mistaken. spot the gap between cars? ..haha.

Millenium Momentum of Malaysia.

Putrajaya bridge.


two of this are view of putrajaya from the bridge.

confusing road.

Samuel and Yvonne, walking into JPJ  building..

behind me are the JPJ building, nice building.

will end here.

Have a nice day.