what a nice meal I have with a fly on my kueh teow!!! i will never go back to that stall to eat kueh teow anymore. will skip this, I feel like puke-ing mentioning it… today, we have a site visit  to Malay house in Putrajya, Taman Warisan. Most of the assignement this semester are about the design and materials of Malay House, so this site visit is important, apparently my laughter bessty were absent. LAZY BUMB! Nevermind, crazy buddies accompany is also fun! We have to work as group, yea group(not only the site visit but the upcoming assignement too)!!! Group= you do this, I do that. correct? gotong-royong! (working as a group is not easy!!! leader have to lead well and group members have to co-operate) Anyway, we got those information that we are supposed to have. so everything is going well, i guessed. three weeks to complete a malay house model, board presentation and slideshow presentation. the presentation day is on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2008. oh my, Im back to Brunei that time, im struggling last night.. how ar? if im not there, will the lecturer still let them to present? (the first assignement, if a memeber were absent, we are not allowed to present) then this morning, Kimberly tell me that she is leaving on the 20th.. woo, two of us will be absent for the presentation. During the site visit, I told my lecturer that two of us were going back early(before holiday), can we present it before we leave(one week earlier before due date) surprisingly, the lecturer said its okay, let the other 3 present.. you all will get the same marks but all the works must do together. Lalalala, inhaled.. exhaled… relax!!! no worries~ (problem solved, an answered prayer!)


a simple traditional Malay house that we visited.

look like cloth? Nope, its not cloth. Its rubber. that’s how rubber look like in Day 1 in pieces, to be sun.

the board- ” Perhatian- tidak dibenarkan memetik buah-buahan” aiyyooo.. kim Kim, you break the law. haha. ( she were asked to pretend that she were ploughing the fruits, so yea.. just play pla nia) she is a good girl.. always obey Law de right, Kim?

buying rambutan, haha. they all were bargaining bout the price.

hahaha. professional in doing funny faces, well erm, my face is funny too if i don’t do it.. Oh, She is Firo, my coursemate from Molives, she the eldest in the class.

i like her hair colour and it suites her..  by the way, she is holding rambutan which is match with her hair colour and she is Venise from Terangganu.

smell good..!! dunno if it taste good?! din’t try..

ready to go home, i meant campus.. YEAH!


I LOVE MY CAMERA! im only the one who look at my own cam.. poor me!!! (took this before leaving to site)

woohoo, after site visit.. we still got plenty of time wor then still got energy to sing wor. haha.. off to friday hang out place again.. REDBOX.

me.Roxane.Yvonne.redbean.Lian Hwa.

laughter buddies dint join us today, no entertainer… we entertain ourselves lor.

*Melodi goes different without you…!!!*

will end this post with this photo of mine, took during this morning site visit..

be a cheerful girl always..