mushroom? cow? painted by roxane.

*warning… this post will have lots of “hongkong legs” pictures.. smelly smelly foot.

a laughing day.. FULL OF LAUGHTER!!  start laughing since morning.. credits to Roxane, who make me laugh so much. Oh wait,FISHES also can make me/human laugh!!! wahahaha. any idea how? haha. We went to fish spa.. damn itchy. keep laughing.. luckily we dint go those high class place for the fish spa.. if not shame shame leh, keep laughing and scream. haha.


ready??.. dive in!!! fishes will come eat?suck the dead skin from your foot.. so itchy. I don’t dare to put my foot inside the pond for long long time.. its only a small pond but many fishs inside, what size also got.. can you imagine a big fish come to your foot..?!!!

tickle ticklish!!!

10minutes 5ringgit..It is cheap. Fish spa in Mid valley, Sunway, Pavillion.. cost 38ringgit for 30mins only. but they facilities are better la… will go someday after I get use to the itchy itchy bites/ suck?

Oohh, my CHUUBBY finger also got dead skin… hand is not that ticklish compare to foot, when its eat/suck the dead skin…

side effect after going fish spa. hahaha.

will end with this picture… TIRED LOOK!! hahaha..

Have a nice day!!