on 1st of August, Im just a tiny bean laying in the soil, day by day.. I gone through rainy and sunny day and now Im no longer a bean….

“$$$$, Heart shape, work hard, smile, I need you, Good Luck, friend….” there are lots of different words, tatoo/print/carved on the bean.

Day 1. the bean dint grow for the first few day and the soil got worms de.EYER!!.. then we bought soil and replanted it. adadada… Woo, then it grows so fast. FAST SUPER FAST!

I neeeeed… You. haha. You is at the other side of the bean… the coat is actually white in colour then it turns into green.

see the leavesss!!!.. woohoo. growing weeellll!!

 growing taller.. the bean splited into half.

top view. Nice?

a huge huge heart shape leaf.

I planted with all my heart, that’s why I got heart shape leaf… haha. Just kidding, whichever bean you choose or plant, this will be your product!

“this is how we look like today!” said the beans.


hheeey..did you guys watch the closing ceremony for the olympic? I watched it with friends at cafe, I dint know today is the closing ceremony and dint plan to watch it. Alll I know is Im going to watch fireworks at Putra at night.. but its raining.. so we decide not to go watch lor. so We went to have dinner at cafe.. and evrybody is facing the big big screen.. watching the closing ceremony. Again, thumbs up for the closing ceremony.. haha. cause David Beckcham and Wong Lee Hom was there. Woohoo..~ hmmph, after the closing ends, we were still siting at the cafe playing computer games and we over heard the fireworks sound… arrgh. We misssed it. must go see next yearrr!!!! MUST!!! the fireworks is actually a competiton between a country another country.. and today is the final. ='( Nevermind, at least I get to watch Olympic closing fireworks on TV.

I’m shivering.. ThIs few day KL keep raining.. and my air-cond just repaired, so its super duper cold.. like in ANTARTICA!! my nervesss.. COLD COLD, colder than my lame jokes!! eeesh~

but.. this COLD weather, is for people to enjoy sleeeping agree?. and  confirm 100% comfortable. wahahaha… with many many soft soft pillows and blanket that keep you warm. Wooo~ Good Night.